Waterproofing Contractor You Can Trust

If you or someone you know are worried
About water leaks and the damage it can cause…

Don’t let high-pressure salespeople & scare tactics
Influence your waterproofing solution decision process…

Instead, look for someone with a common sense approach
To waterproofing solutions that will really work!
A professional who’ll listen to you and you can trust…
That’s who can solve your waterproofing problems

And save you time, money and grief, too – Guaranteed!

Dear Friend,

It’s early Monday morning, and the skies unleashed relentless wind and torrential rain in the South Jersey and Philadelphia areas overnight. Going to the basement to dump dirty clothes into your washing machine, and what do you step into? Rainwater where you’d never expect to find it… your basement is flooded.

A heavy storm! A flooded basement! Now what are you going to do?

You know you’ll need professional help, so maybe you’ll fire up your computer and do a Google search for “Waterproofing Companies” hoping to find a quick and easy fix. Instead you find countless, look-alike websites, that bombard you with tons of questionable information and solutions.

Unfortunately, most of it is either way too technical, way too basic, way too sales-focused, totally misleading, way too conflicting… or just completely useless.

When faced with a flood crisis and water damage – it’s best to use some common sense…

You’ll certainly want to make good decisions, and you’ll certainly want to choose the right contractor. But even more importantly ‒ you’ll want to ensure you get what you need, instead getting what someone else wants to sell you.

I know when I’m shopping, I want clear, concise, easy-to-understand, useful information ‒ not fluff or a dumb sales pitch – and you probably feel the same way, too… right?

But, when it comes to flooding and water damage emergencies in your home or building…
How can you be sure you’ll get the help you really need?

We’ve designed the information you’ll find on this website to clear the clutter, cut to the chase, give you the tools you’ll need to make an informed decision, and provide you a sense of clarity ‒ all intended to let your common sense prevail over typical, knee-jerk, reactive, impulsive decisions.

The content here isn’t fancy, full of jargon, or overloaded with too much information. Rather, it’s net and to-the-point ‒ to help you solve your water problems…fast!

You’ll get what you want and deserve with Fenwick & TermiGuard Services… a reasonable solution.

It’s the least you should expect from any professional, isn’t it?

To deal effectively with your water leaks and flooding problems effectively…
Takes a different approach than the ‘other guys’…

With our initial inspection, we’ll determine whether all you really need are simple gutter and surface drainage improvements, or a complete, custom-designed drainage system to deal with your roof run-off issues.

Because you’ll want the problem fixed as soon as possible, finding out what’s causing your water leakage problems, and then giving you our recommendations to resolve them, along with an estimate for the work as quickly as possible… is a top priority.

And because emergencies like these ‒ and their repairs ‒ are almost always unexpected, catching you off-guard, we offer both ‘same-as-cash,’ and affordable, ‘0% interest, monthly loan payment solution,’ options too… just in case you need a bit of a life jacket.

What you can expect from us…

At Fenwick Building & Renovations, we’re homeowners, too ‒ and we’re embarrassed to admit ‒ we’ve had our fair share of ‘bad contractor horror stories,’ maybe just like yours. And, since we wanted to ensure we’d never, ever be guilty of being one of them, we developed our take-it-to-the-bank Customer Pledge.

With that in mind, here are the highlights of that pledge…

We Pledge to…
   •  Eliminate annoying contractor nightmares and frustrations
   •  Welcome and appreciate your business and provide a positive experience with realistic expectations
  •  Listen to you and ease your fears about your purchase decision and the solution we’ve proposed
   •  Provide genuine, down-to-earth, customer service, ‘holding your hand’ through each step of the process,
from our initial contact, through scheduling, building permits, final inspection, to follow-ups
   •  Respect you, your home (or building), and to treat it as if it were our own
   •  Behave professionally and courteously, and always dress as cleanly and neatly as the job allows
   •  Not to disrupt your daily activities any more than  the scope of our work with you requires.

Above all, we pledge to provide you with an effective, cost-effective, and permanent drainage/waterproofing solution.

That said, we hope to welcome you, your family, and your associates as Fenwick Building & Renovations and Waterproofing clients..

Dedicated to providing you healthier living,

Jim & Mike Allen, Owners
Fenwick & TermiGuard Services 

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