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From humble beginnings, to the leading South Jersey, Philadelphia & Southeastern Pennsylvania waterproofing contractors…

How TermiGuard’s Southern New Jersey waterproofing services are ‘effectively different’  from the rest…

In our younger years, he taught us the value and benefits of setting high, expectations, goals, and standards for ourselves, then making commitments and practicing the discipline, determination, perseverance to see things through.

Sport is the perfect metaphor for business…

No doubt it helped when we went to college – both of us had successful athletic careers (wrestling) – where we honed our ‘work hard’ mentality.

Dad was a product of his generation, so he did all the repairs and renovations around our home (with our help, of course)… so it was probably in the cards that we’d eventually catch the ‘bug’ too.

We both found our way into the services industry back in the early 80’s (Mike in Sales, Jim in Operations).

We didn’t know what we didn’t know – which served us well…

As fate would have it, we were both let go by our respective at around the same time – and since Mom had been the ultimate business owner role model – we decided to partner in our own business.

Being mechanically inclined and still young (and foolish?), we started out building decks and patios, which led to requests for home renovations, which eventually found us dealing with all aspects of building homes and other structures.

In the mid 90’s we bought a home inspection franchise and quickly grew it into the #1 franchise of 350.
In fact, we were the top performers the entire time we owned our franchise.

At our peak, we employed 5 inspectors, completing up to 2,500 inspections a year… making us one of the largest in the Philadelphia area.

After we’d had many poor experiences referring our home inspection clients to pest and termite contractors, we felt our only option was to start a pest control company providing termite inspections and treatments.

Build it and they will come… and they did!

As our client-base (and our reputation) grew, so did the demand for other services. In almost no time, we’d added general pest control, wildlife control, mole & vole control, mold, restoration, and dehumidification services… and more.

We value our on-going, annual preventive maintenance plan clients…

In addition to the one-time intervention-type services, we now have over 2,000 South Jersey, Jersey Shore and Philadelphia-area clients on a variety of reoccurring pest and/or waterproofing and dehumidification services maintenance plans.

At about the same time – trying to find professional, reliable waterproofing service providers for our family homes – we personally experienced those contractor nightmares and scams.

That’s when we decided to add these service offerings
To our Fenwick Building & Renovations division…

Because of the nature of structural damage caused from wood destroying insects, our TermiGuard Mold division was also a natural fit to do the repairs – so we added the services there too – to form TermiGuard Mold & Restoration.

With Fenwick, structural repairs quickly escalated from drywall, wall studs, and floor joists, to include girders, footings, and foundation walls.

Members of our team often joke – “What are we going to do next… walk dogs?”

Joking aside, we continue to add new services and discontinue others in our quest to find just the right mix of services that best fit our team AND best serve the needs of our clients.

All our services are intended to aid in achieving and sustaining the ultimate levels of structural “health” for your home or building, and of the indoor air quality for you and its occupants.

With any structure it starts with water – and our services are designed to combat its various effects and defend against future intrusion.

We’re passionate about anything we do, and we tend to run our businesses with a sense of purpose and urgency, balanced with unflinching ethics, honesty, and integrity.

We treat our team members as we would want to be treated – with respect and dignity, while working to provide them with opportunities for growth and advancement.

One of the key traits we look for when hiring is personality – you gotta’ be good natured and a good person – and you definitely need to want to roll your sleeves up and get to work… just like Mike and Jim.

And the ethic Mom and Dad instilled in us, is still the ‘standard’ on which we run our companies, and the benchmark against which we rate our customer services.

Huricane Services

Here’s what you need to know To avoid the health & safety issues That floodwater damage will surely cause… If you don’t deal with them properly… RIGHT NOW!“ The evidence of floodwater damage is clearly evident… Of course, there are the obvious soaked floors, carpets, furniture, personal effects… and the ugly, high-water stains on your walls serve as a reminder of just how bad Hurricane Sandy and the follow-on storm really were. But, there are things you can’t see that can be much worse than what you can… So bad, in fact, they can affect your family’s health. You’ve gotta’ remove the wet stuff… Most folks understand that you have to start by removing or ripping out all of your water soaked things… in fact, there are plenty of contractors roaming around the Shore offering to do just that … rip it all out! But there’s more to it than that… Ripping out walls, carpets, etc., or sending your furniture and precious possessions away for cleaning or replacement is only just a start. That’s because the storm water that blew into your home brought a hidden menace with it – and it’s just waiting for the right conditions to unleash its health-threatening problems on you and your family. You see… where the floodwater has been… Bacteria & MOLD is growing… right now! Because your home has been damp since the storm, it’s the perfect environment for rapid bacteria and mold growth – which, left untreated, will continue to grow exponentially. More on this shortly… Most other contractors will be glad to rip things out & demolish… Most other contractors in the area will be glad to rip out your water damaged carpets, drywall, and so on. But that’s it! They’ll give no consideration to the mold already growing – and even more importantly – most of ’em will have no plan for, or interest in putting your home back together again for you. Here’s what your insurance company will want (Fail to do any of the first 3 and you risk a denied claim!)… • Remove all water-damaged elements (drywall, carpets, furniture, drapery, etc.). • Reduce the moisture in your home using dehumidifiers & air movement fans. • Treat the remaining surfaces & structural elements of your home or building with proven (and approved) antibacterial disinfectants and an accepted mold treatment system to kill bacteria and mold, and then prevent them from returning/recolonizing. Contrary to commonly held beliefs, bleach will not work, and poses its own health risks, too! • Restore your home to its original state.